Anti-ragging Committee

The East Point College of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has the highest regards for humanity and dignity and condemns the dastardly act of ragging with all the resources available at its disposal. The Anti-Ragging Committee & Anti-Ragging Squad have been reconstituted and reproduced below to curb the menace of ragging in the College as well as in the attached hostels, under regulation 6.4 of the MCI (Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Medical Colleges/Institutions) Regulations, 2009.

Anti-ragging committee

Sl.No Names and Designation Status in the Committee Phone No
1 Mr. Pramod Gowda.S.V CEO 9886607999
2 Dr. Prem Kumar
Dean Director
Member 7337872925
3 Dr. Prabhakar.B
Chairman 9538006664
4 Dr. Narendra.P.Datti
Medical Superintendent
Member 9945631317
5 Dr. Shivaprakash
Assoc. Prof and HOD of Orthopedics
Faculty Member 9448530033
6 Dr. Roopashree Ramakrishna
Assoc.Prof. of Anatomy
Faculty Member 9742490865
7 Dr. Lyra.P.R
Assoc. Prof. of Microbiology
Warden 8113048635
8 Dr. Joesph Ivin Thomas
Asst. Prof. of Physiology
Warden 8861240282
9 Dr. Veeresh
Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology
Asst. warden 9535529080
10 Sub-Inspetor
Avalahalli Police station
Member 9480802473
11 Mr Prabhakar
Security Officer
Member 9916906233
12 Mr. Sachin.K.V
Student Representative Male 9110163697
13 Ms. Asma
Student Representative Female 8619399918
14 Mrs. Sudha
Parent Representative Mother of Sachin 9980820546
15 Mr. Vasant.A.Gowda
Parent Representative Father of Chandan V Gowda 9035346624

Anti-ragging Squad

Sl.No Names and Designation Status in the Committee Phone No
1 Col. (Dr.) R J Prasad
Chairman 080 - 25136200
2 Dr. Shobha Kamble
Assoc. Prof. of Pharmacology
Member-Coordinator 080 - 25136200
3 Mr.Chethan
Tutor of Biochemistry
Member 080 - 25136200
4 Miss. Sridevi
Warden Girls Hostel
Member 080 - 25136200
5 Mr. Antony
In-charge Boys Hostel
Member 080 - 25136200
6 Sub-Inspector
Avalahalli Police Station
Member 080 - 28472500

The Anti-Ragging Committee and The Anti-Ragging Squad shall strictly follow and enforce the provisions contained in the Medical Council of India (Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Medical Colleges/Institutions) Regulations, 2009 to root out and eradicate any incidence of ragging and ensure that such occurrences do not creep within the vicinity of the Medical College and attached Hostels.