Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

East Point College of Medical Sciences, East Point Hospital, East Point Group of Institutions

Laboratories and facilities

The department teaches the student legal aspects of medical practice and assists the judiciary in solving criminal cases with a thorough knowledge of Juries Prudence based on scientific facts. The department is provided spacious laboratories and well-equipped seminar hall, all the facilities are as per the norms of the MCI. Every student will have access to X-ray lobbies and illumination lamps as well as microscopes for examination of forensic trace evidences.

The laboratory has a stock of X-ray images that are an invaluable aid to teach the students about estimation of age from ossification. The laboratory will also have teeth molds and orthopantamographic photos to teach age estimation by dentition. The laboratory will also have a large collection of bones to help students understand the various aspects of forensic sciences including age estimation.


The Forensic Department’s museum will have a good collection of forensic photographs, wet specimens, different species of well-preserved snakes, chemical and plant poisons, weapons of assault and various sport, industrial, as well as domestic implements.