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    The East Point College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bangalore is a gem in the crown of Jnana Prabha Campus of the MG Charitable Trust. The sprawling campus spread over one hundered acers of landscape is situated at Bidarahalli in the eastern part of Bangalore Urban District.

    The Jnana Prabha Campus houses an educational institution that ranges from technology to humanities and health sciences. These include the East Point College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Engineering and Technology, College of Management, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, PU College and Schools.

    The establishment is guided by Dr S M Venkatpathi who is also the Managing Trustee and Founder of the MG Charitable Trust. It is efficiently managed by Mr. Pramod Gowda, former Senate Member of the Visveshwaraya Technological University, Belgaum and CEO of East Point College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre.

    The East Point College and Hospital though based in the eastern part of Bangalore Urban District is surrounded by lush green pristine fields and boasts of a fresh green ecological environment far from the pollution and hustle and bustle of the Garden City. It has around a hundred villages in its range of healthcare services, where we are providing selfless service without any discrimination.

    The Hospital provides Comprehensive Medical Care including Therapeutic and Preventive services. There is also dedicated and efficient emergency and hospital care services to all its clientele.

    The College imparts Quality Education with a view to develop smart young doctors with a high caliber of knowledge and the finest of skills, groomed to stand out as a bright disciplined medical professional armed with a compassionate zeal and a helpful attitude. We consider the humane dimensions of medical practitioners as very essential, and focus on imparting these qualities to offset the commercialization in medical practices.

    We acknowledge that the span of life spent as a medical student is a very stressful period in the life of a doctor. It coincides with a crucial phase of adolescence with its associated stress and uncertainties. This requires the right care and guidance which helps him/her to imbibe the knowledge and skills that are the hallmark of a socially compatible citizen.

    At the East Point Group of institutions we have a unique concept of East Point Communities; herein the staff and students are encouraged to interact on co-curricular matters and form groups or forums of likeminded individuals with an aim to nurture their interests and hobbies for an all round development and not just to produce doctors. The communities develop, design and organize events and raise their passions and hone their skills to higher echelons. Students do not have to sacrifice their interests or hobbies owing to constraints of education. The personal interaction of staff and students through these communities is known to provide high standard of all round development and education.

    In this competitive and stressful world, it is essential for students to strike a healthy balance between work and play. With cities being cramped with massive apartments and business centers, play grounds have almost vanished. The East Point Campus is known for its vast play fields which are a treat for all those who love to run, stretch and play. Clean air, magnificent play grounds, plenty of open spaces and lush greenery make East Point the ideal place to learn and still be in touch with the nature.